• When??
    Q1 – Q2 2024 beta planned with the experience that truly meets our standards and your expectations. We are blessed to have thousands of beta testers signed up without marketing, and we don’t want to disappoint them.

  • What is the main difference from existing solutions?
    The main difference from existing solutions is that Aimator is focusing on classic stylized character animation and can be seamlessly integrated as a plugin into any software. We don’t aim to make another Maya or Cascadeur; we want to be a part of it instead by offering tools that serve everyone, from professional animators to indie game developers, within their favorite software. Essentially, we can integrate ‘Anim Styler’ with anything capable of playing skeletal animation. ‘Inbetweener’ can communicate with anything that can send 3D skeletal poses. Our base architecture is flexible for use anywhere.

  • Is it a plugin?
    Yes and no. Currently, Aimator is a web-based platform equipped with an API that can be effortlessly integrated into any 3D software using REST API. Moving forward, our plan is to create installers for the most popular software, eliminating the need for an internet connection. Starting with a web browser is a strategic decision aimed at onboarding a variety of users from all kinds of industries in order to show system potential and flexibility. Many people still see it just as a plugin – we see it as a platform that is capable of bringing generative stylized character animation into any industry that could be potentially interested in.

  • Can Aimator be used for cleaning raw motion capture?
    The answer is yes — ‘Anim Styler’ can certainly be used not only to style raw motion capture but also for cleaning it. We already have an enhanced version of the classic Butterworth filter, and plan to introduce more features moving forward.

  • What part of Aimator is actually AI?
    Anim Styler is still utilizing classic math besides few features that are using AI – moving forward it will eventually become also fully AI based. Inbetweener tool is fully AI based except few minor algorithms that are helping with ground collisions etc.

  • Are Anim Styler and Inbetweener the only tools available in Animator?
    Currently, yes, but we have a comprehensive long-term roadmap. It includes a variety of solutions aimed at automating and facilitating the process of character animation creation.

  • What is the business strategy?
    We are in the process of finalizing our business strategy, and the direction will become clearer after our initial free Beta release. Our overarching goal, however, is to promote democratization. We are not aiming for a monopoly but rather to empower and include as many as possible.

  • Will Aimator eventually take animators jobs?
    Rapid advances in automation and AI have led to widespread concern about job loss. It’s crucial to remember that technology acts as a tool. At Aimator, we are committed to ensuring our tools augment human skills and abilities, not supplant them. First and foremost, Aimator is a tool for animators, which will help them do their work much more easily, making our lives a bit more enjoyable.

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